(Troubleshooting) Orleans Silos fail to start with “Subnet null”

Today I encountered an error starting Orleans: System.ArgumentException: Hostname ‘’ with subnet null and family InterNetwork is not a valid IP address or DNS name. The issue was that the Express Emulator was selected in Visual Studio. The Full Emulator should be selected instead. Here’s the full error text:

I’m posting this here for […]

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How to Architect Reactive Apps & Services

Previously, I wrote about how the Web is a ghost town, and that we need more reactive software. Apps & services which are: Highly Interactive Always Current Enable the Continuous Client These all involve a resource (eg: a Web page) which is updated continuously in response to events. If we structure services correctly, we can get all […]

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The Web is a Ghost Town

You’re out of beets, so you hit the market. When you get there, it’s deserted. You saunter over to the beet vending machine. $3 billion dollars per beet? That’s a little rich. As you turn to leave in disgust, you feel a tingle down your spine. Something is different. Everything is a little different. There’s […]

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